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The Soul Of America




     The American South, throughout its relatively short history, was emblematic of the heights and depths of the human experience. It left a legacy of the stubborn spirit of the people; they overcame natural, political and social obstacles, and left a rich cultural legacy to the World. 


   A mixture of disparate cultures and customs came together in a way that created unique phenomena that continue to impact human culture worldwide…. The spirit of freedom was challenged here…. The Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, rebellions of every kind, the very first Gold rush, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods, high humidity and high temperature, and religions of all kinds. They all live here…....
...And the music….... It reflects that spirit of the South….


    The American South was the birthplace and the foundation of almost all Westen modern music, from Gospel, to the Blues, Soul, Rock’n’Roll and Country, Jazz and Rock, Zydeco, R'n'B and Southern Rock. It all collides here, where people from all continents, willingly or unwillingly, came to sattle this land.


Ultimate Road Trip To

The Birthplace Of American Music


The most comprehensive and affordable 13 day tour of the South, dedicated to the history of modern music


"The Blues, The Rock And

The Soul Of The South Tour"


Affordable 8 day tour to essential important places of Southern musical history.

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