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A few words from the owner of "Music Heritage Of The South, LLC"

I-40 Music highway

    Being a foreigner myself, and a fan of American music, I always wanted to visit those places that gave us the blues, gospel, jazz, rock, Rock'n'roll, country, Zydeco and many other forms of modern music. Then, friends asked me to help them to come and visit the South. They were not sure how to handle the task.


    This is a very large country, people have very eccentric Southern accents,

distances between places seem overwhelming, the traffic laws are unfamiliar,

as are food and drinks. Even opening doors is a new adventure...


    Not to mention flying in to the busiest airport in the world, rent a car and drive

on 16-lane highways with police sirens everywhere, huge trucks at full speed driving

ubiquitous... It must be terrifying. I've been there myself, many times.


    So, I thought, there has to be a better way.


     I've been dealing with customers for more than 30 years, on 2 continents.

I have a good sense of customers' expectations and the cultural difference

in the world. I've been involved in music for all of my life on one way or the other.

I've been on the stage and I've been in an audience.


    It's time to put all of it all together.

After a lot of research and work, here is the result:


Music Heritage Of The South

The ultimate road trips to the birthplace of American music


We are Independent tour operator/agency which will take care of all of your needs on your trip.

We had in mind:


- Those who are coming to America for the first time, or who are coming to the South for the first time;

- Those who do not drive at all; or who do not want to drive while on vacation; or who are accustomed to driving "on the wrong side of the road";

- Those who feel they do not have enough knowledge or confidence in their language skills;

- Those who are musicians, scholars of the history of modern music, music lovers, admirers of Southern style and everybody in between....


We will help


When you return home, you will feel much better about yourself. Besides seeing all of these places, your practical English will be improved 100%! So, it is not just a vacation, or a fun and musical tour. You will be empowered with new experiences of different cultures, much deeper musical knowledge, and certainly, you will meet some great people in our tour group and on the trip. If you were, or are still a musician, this tour will be your dream come true - you will have a chance to play or sing in our van, for yourself and others. You will have a chance to jam in blues bars and places that we will visit. You might wish to buy for yourself instruments (prices in Europe are much higher!), records, CDs, DVDs, musical literature, books and apparel that you cannot find in any other place. Plus, we have several Guitar Center stores nearby, one Sam Ash store, several Ken Stanton stores and plenty of small independent musical stores.


We hope to make your trip an unforgettable musical and life experience.


We will meet you at the Atlanta airport. As you probably know, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the biggest airport in the World! When you step out into the meeting room, your journey will begin.

We will arrange all of the hotels. We will take you on a tour through the American South and the states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana, and to all of the places you have been dreaming of visiting at least once in your lifetime.




You will travel in the most comfortable mode of travel – a luxurious, air-conditioned conversion van, equipped with TV and high quality sound.


During the trip


You will be provided with cold bottled water, snacks, fruits, musical concerts and documentary programs related to the music, on the TV in the van. Our van will be equipped with a few books related to the music.

- We will stop at any interesting places along the trip and any time you might like just to take pictures. 

- We will stop at Starbucks whenever it is in the reach.

- We will stop in (at least) one place for your shopping needs at the beginning of the trip.

- We will stop (at least) in one Western wear place. So, you can get yourself desired jeans, hat or real western boots.

- We will take you to the restaurants with local food and bars with live music. Depending on their schedule and your ability, you will be able to take part of the jam or just enjoy the music.


All admissions to the museums, guides, and other points of interest are included in your tour package as decribed in booking conditions and tour details.


We will stop in more than 20 cities and towns with historical significance in music.


We will visit more than 20 museums (including "Gone With The Wind" museum, Talladega Super speedway museum, birthplace of Elvis Presley, Sun recording studio, STAX museum, Rock and Soul museum, National Museum of Human Rights, several music related museums in the Delta - Clarksdale, Leland, Greenwood, BB King museum in Indianola, Robert Johnson museum, West Helena Delta museum and King Biscuit Radio station, Allman Brothers Band Museum and many more....)


We will visit more than 20 grave sites of the great musicians and musical personalities who are not with us anymore (including Sam Phillips, Donald Dunn, Isaak Hayes, Robert Johnston, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Charlie Patton, B. B. King, Elmore James, Mahalia Jackson, Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie, Duane Allman and Berry Oakley and a few more...)


We will visit the Gibson factory, where the legendary Gibson 335 ("Lucille") is produced.


- We will spend an evening in one of Atlanta's blues bars, two evenings on Beale Street in Memphis, an evening and night in the legendary Ground Zero bar in Clarksdale and one night in a blues bar in Indianola, just beside the BB King museum.

- We will visit one Baptist church with original gospel in performance as well as one night in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

- We will spend evening and morning on the beautiful, sandy, white beaches in the Gulf of Mexico.


Food choices will be unbelievable - the best of the best - BBQ in Memphis, tamales and catfish in Delta, Cajun food and the best sea food, and  of course, there has to be at least one T-bone steak! Where is the best place to get steak in the US? And how about one lunch in the legendary H&H restaurant where the Allman Brothers Band used to eat?


We will try to customize every tour based on current events in the area. If we have a festival, along the trip, we will stay longer or re-route trip to be there for the fun.


We are always opened to make customized tours for groups of 4, 5 or 6 in the same time window.


What do you need to do?


You need to tell us what would you like to see and do. So, that we can work around your desired activities.

You need to bring your best cameras, best video-recording devices and your excitement for the trip.


 There are some other steps to be taken, in order for your pleasure to be uninterrupted:


- FIRST - Check your passport expiration date!


- SECOND - Check with the US Embassy for visa and other requirements before you book the tour;


- THIRD - Be sure you have at least one CREDIT CARD for all of your travel needs (booking tour, paying for a meal and other purchases). This is important. Many Europeans do not use credit cards and count on cash payments. Do not bring any foreign money in cash. Exchange rates in the US tend to be very poor. It’s much better to exchange your currency in your home country to ensure a good exchange rate. (see FOURTH)...


- FOURTH - Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Many things will be new and unexpected..


- FIFTH - Read and understand what the plan is and what is the booking conditions are. You may call us, Skype us, ask us on our Facebook page, send a message through this web site, send  an e-mail....


In short - contact us before you book any of our the tours



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