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"The Blues, Rock and The Soul Of The South" Tour


If we need to describe this tour in just two words, it would be "quiet" and "green". This tour goes through the hearth of the South. Most of the roads we will travel are deep cut in the green woods and forests, green fields, where the birds chirple and the sky is blue. Beside a few larger cities, most of the tour is through peacefull, quiet, small towns and cities of the South. It is absolutely amazing to travel and observe landscape, shaped by the small and large farms, pasturies and meadows, small creeks and rivers and occasional lakes and ponds.


This tour is modified "Ultimate Road Trip To The Birthplace Of American Music" tour. It will satisfy majority of today's contemporary music lovers. In this tour, we are more focused on the music and partially on Civil Rights history. Civil Righs history is, for sure, one of the important influences on modern music. This tour includes visit to one of the largest archeological sites in North America about Native American history. Travel is very intensive for about 4 hours of travel daily.


Beside hights of already known destinations:


- Muscle Shoals/Shefield/Florence/Tuscumbia, Alabama

- Memphis, Tennessee

- Delta of the Mississippi river, Mississippi


After visit to Indianola, MS, we are turning to the East to visit:

- West Point, MS, home of the Howlin' Wolf Museum

- Columbus, MS and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

- Selma, AL - place of historic Civil Rights march in 1965


and through Montgomery, AL and Columbus, GA arriving in

- Macon, GA - birthplace of The Southern Rock and the home of

The Allman Brothers Band


By travelling on historic US highways:

- Highway 61, known as The Blues Highway

- US-80, also known as The Dixie Overland Highway, and

- US 41 known from the song "Ramblin' Man" by The Allman Brothers Band and many other songs



Howlin' Wolf Museum is located in West Point, MS


FAME studio
Howlin' Wolf

Beside Howlin' Wolf, museum featuring history & artifacts of  the Black Prairie Region, Big Joe Williams and Bukka White, we will visit statue and mural of Howling Wolf in West Point, MS

Howlin' Wolf Museum, West Point, MS
Tennessee Williams Birth house

Built in 1875, the Victorian home was the birthplace of playwright Tennessee Williams. It is designated a Literary Landmark by the Friends of Libraries, U.S.A. and the Welcome center.

Moundville Archaeological Site, also known as the Moundville Archaeological Park, is a Mississippian culture site on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Our stop in Selma, Alabama is completelly dedicated to the Civil Rights movement and the march between Selma, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama. There are many resources on the Internet to familiarize yourself with the significanse of this place in American history, if you don't know it,  already. HERE is just one short article from NPR Radio.

Rosa Parks museum
Big House, Allman Brothers Band Museum

Rest of the tour will follow our "Ultimate Road Trip To The Birthplace Of American Music".


Night in Columbus, GA; visit to Ma Rainey's house and her grave;


Rest of the day in Macon, GA with a lunch in historic H&H restaurant, visit to The Big House (Allman Brothers Band Museum); Rose Hill Cemetery and the street tour with our partners from Rock Candy Tours

Big House, Allman Brothers Band Museum
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